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1st Gourmet Popcorn, Nostalgia

It's those first moments that offer the most sensory experiences. I remember running through my grandmother's home many summer days to get to the kitchen as the wonderful smell of fresh baked cheddar or caramel popcorn was leaving the oven. So light and full of flavor, her snacks were my earliest homemade gourmet experience.


I try to bake with her essence. My cookies come from a place of joy and passion that is constantly seeking perfection. The essence of grandmother, meets the luxury of downtown-summertime chicago at a Garrett's Popcorn store is the nostalgia I chase with the Shorty Mix Gourmet taste. 

1st Shortbread, Delicious and Simple

I remember the round blue tin cans located at what seemed to be every older black woman's home I visited, including my grandmother's. Everytime I would ask for a cookie from the tin, they would respond that maybe there were cookies left, but probably there were not. Usually, the tins were filled with loose change or sewing equipment. Once I finally got my first shortbread cookie, I fell in love. I felt they were worth the search. 


When I started making my own cookie recipes, I knew that this was the cookie to pay homage to. I gave everything but my pride, trying to taste this cookie as a child, but I knew it needed my personality and my experiences in a bold and flavorful style. The simple yet delicious butter taste deserved flavor that karate chopped the tongue. That's what I seek to do in the most yummy way.

1st Escapade, Memories for a lifetime

I began traveling at such a young age and in a way the world feels like my home. I was always excited to get away from home to experience something new, be closer to water, and find a place where I felt more accepted as a black woman. Also, my strict-religious upbringing caused me to seek adventure, and what I found were so many people living and believing so differently from the way I was taught. I felt expanded. I've been able to connect with so many types of people and appreciate their cultures and my own. 

The cookies you will taste from me have layers of flavor that represents my travel journeys, unique thoughts and conversations, and full appreciation for various cultures. My cookies don't seek to be trendy, but instead honor the years of delicious, thoughtful, and crafted flavor that is Shorty Mix Gourmet Cookies.






We are making an impact in our community with our culturally flavored cookies, using the arts, music, and patronage of other passionate makers to tell our stories and pay tribute to the cultures that have inspired our creations. It’s these very cultures that have impacted us to be our most authentic selves in the way that we create, share, learn, and live!


We are creating and finding ways to collaborate with various artists and artisans, scholars and historians, and culture enthusiasts that are able to help us further connect our personal travel experiences to that which is appreciated by the natives.

As our customers, you will be exposed to these rich expressions of culture in our products, services, communications, and events. It is our mission to help you discover the world in a bite of our cookies and everything that we do.

Here are some ways you can help us to make an impact and carry out our mission:

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  • Have and idea?! We love them, this is a safe space to share. We'd love to listen!

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Erica King

founder & creator


It was summertime in Chicago and I was walking down the street devouring Garrett's popcorn less than a year before I'd return to my hometown of St. Louis, MO. My tongue and fingers were turning orange with every cheesy and caramel kernel of popcorn I grabbed. I sighed as I thought of how I was going to miss the popcorn. A quick thought saved me...Eureka! Make Cheddar Caramel Cookies! The rest is herstory.

I'm a self taught and family inspired baker. I come from a family of cooks and travelers. Creating food and exploring cities comes natural to me. My baked goods are unique in that they aim to celebrate cultural inspiration in food,

tell my travel story in an abstract or literal way, but most importantly offer you a Spanish Flamenco

dance of flavor on your tastebuds and make your tongue ¡Olé! My travel and food encounters began when I was 4 years old and every adventure and life changing experience since has brought me a greater appreciation for who I am, where I come from, and what I am able to offer my community.