Erica Energizes

Always thinking things up and wanting to have fun...human connection and interactions are still faves. Erica is offering you virtual and in person events this year. Stay tuned for meetup baking experiences, community gatherings, and grown up networking filled with sweet delights, vibes, and indulgences. Check below and join her at an event soon!

No upcoming events at the moment


Erica Encourages

Knowing the challenges of entrepreneurship and the ongoing process of professional development, Erica offers her skills and expertise for your marketing, branding, design, and personal development benefit. With over 10 years of experience working in various industries and having first hand experience in over 5 entrepreneurial programs and counting, Erica gives you the fast track, a money and time-saving leg up.

Coming Soon...

Web & Brand Design

Idea Creation

Professional Development

Entrepreneurial Motivation

Image by Chris Montgomery