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Image by Sawyer Bengtson

It's not your average tin can cookie, nor popcorn for that matter. Inspired by the famous popcorn mix,  our Chicago Cheddar Caramel cookies are the ultimate sweet and savory classic flavor.


...Indulge sprinkles of cheddar cheese with caramel sweetness in the most unexpected and delicious way. 

Image by Federico Gutierrez

Some cultures use ingredients in the most surprising manner. Our buttery, cinnamon-sugar snickerdoodles, an ode to Morocco, are enhanced with mint and orange hints. 

Indulge in the citrus and spice of life with these flavor filled cookies. Enjoy with Morocco's staple mint tea for the full cultural experience.

Quarterly Box

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Image by Rock Staar

The best treats are the ones you don't have to go far to find. Our Jamaican Rum and island banana flavored cookies, dipped in smooth-spiced rum chocolate, make your taste buds say, ya mon!


If the culture can be sexy, we think chocolate on top of cookies is sexy too!

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Monthly Box

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Image by Victor Garcia

With visible orange citrus, there's no snoozing on the flavor in these cookies. Red wine and summer fruit, the sangria celebration is right there in our cookies.


Whether you're in the mood to share or treat yourself solo, these are it. Pop out the bottle of wine and coast to wherever.

Cultural Box #1

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Image by PoloX Hernandez

Street food is to Churros, what Cookies are to Chocolate Chips; they're like...basically married. We make this popular American recipe shortbread style, making your mouth the day of the dead because nothing else will ressurect your taste buds quite the same.

If not unique enough, indulge these in our cultural variations: Mexican or Cuban style, or dipped in tequilla chocolate.

Cultural Box #2

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