Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Food is sort of a thing for me! Check out my adventures with my dad around our hometown, spreading song, a lil dance and food reviews!

My Dad is a real Pit Master...

but he plays it modest. I remember finding an old picture of him, physically fit and smiling with a jheri curl on the grill at my grandparents' house. He even had two cuts on the side of his hair style and I couldn't believe the handsomeness I was seeing. I said to my dad, "you and the grill go waaaay back, huh?" We chuckled.

I wasn't surprised...

that on our very first food review, he chose a BBQ spot. St. Louis is as serious about its BBQ as memphis and we even hold our own style of ribs. I find it's our sweet BBQ sauce that stands out too. I've seen various citrus fruits sizzling in the pots of tangy sauce at both my dad's and mom's kitchen while grilling. It's nice to know that our local restaurants, like Salt + Smoke are serious about upholding the flavor as well and adding their own stamp on the foodsperience.

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