Street food is to Churros, what Cookies are to Chocolate Chips; they're like...basically married. We make this popular American recipe shortbread style, making your mouth the day of the dead because nothing else will ressurect your taste buds quite the same.


Order these cookies the way you want! 


1. Churro Americana: Chocolate chip varieties inside our gourmet shortbread dough. Everyone's favorite cookie!


2. Mexican Churro: Churro Americana sprinkled with the traditional churro cinnamon-sugar mix fresh out of the oven


3. Cuban Dulce Churro: Mexican Churro with creamy dulce de leche at the core


4. **Churro Madrid: Mexican Churro submerge halfway into a tequila chocolate fiesta


**May increase production time

*Prices include tax

Churro Chocolate Chip

  • One dozen wrapped and labeled cookies. 

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